Careers in the Warehousing Industry

When it comes to careers in the warehousing industry, NAVEX Global in Norcross, Georgia, offers the opportunity for a variety of job oportunities. This is not only because of the company’s commitment to its employees’ employment rights but because it is an equal opportunity employer, as well.

About NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global is a leading provider of solutions that help businesses manage risk, build ethical workplace cultures and build and maintain corporate ESG programs. The company offers a comprehensive set of services that are trusted by thousands of customers across the globe. Its Norcross, Georgia location is home to a small team of 34 employees. However, the company is planning a major expansion and is on the lookout for dozens of qualified new hires. The firm is also taking applications for part-time positions.

In addition to its Norcross, Georgia location, the firm operates contact centers in three other locations. Its newest office is located near the Brigham Young University-Idaho campus. It is home to a small team of contact center specialists who field calls from its incident reporting hotline. Its flagship product, the NAVEX platform, is a unified compliance and ethics management solution that helps companies protect their reputation, maintain their compliance, and reduce their risk exposure. The company also has a suite of complementary offerings including training and consulting services. It is the largest provider of whistleblower hotlines in the world. The company’s other notable products include an award-winning content and information management system that helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements and protect their reputation. Besides the usual suspects, NAVEX Global is committed to being an inclusive employer, including hiring veterans, minorities, and the disabled.

Careers at NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global is a leading provider of integrated risk management solutions. Its products and services help businesses manage risks and protect their reputations. From helping companies assess their compliance readiness to designing and implementing a comprehensive ESG program, NAVEX Global offers a range of solutions to address the many needs of today’s business environment.

In addition to providing its customers with high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective products and services, NAVEX Global is committed to diversity and inclusion. This is reflected in its employment practices, which are based on hiring and retaining qualified individuals without discriminating against protected classes. It also ensures that all its employees are treated with respect and courtesy, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other distinction that may be considered discriminatory.

As a company that values teamwork, NAVEX Global provides its employees with the opportunity to participate in several activities that allow them to grow professionally. Its benefits package includes competitive compensation, flexible work hours, and unlimited paid time off. If you are interested in joining a growing company that cares about its employees, please apply for a position with NAVEX Global. You can apply for an open position or contact Human Resources to find out more about the company and its current job openings. If you are an experienced risk or compliance professional, you are encouraged to consider a career with NAVEX Global.

NAVEX Global offers a unique culture that is both fun and rewarding. From the company’s motto of “More Good, More Fun” to its commitment to fostering a diverse workforce, NAVEX Global is a great place to work. If you are interested in learning more about the company’s opportunities, please contact HR at 800.377.2030.

Equal Opportunity Employer

An equal-opportunity employer is a business that agrees to provide equal employment opportunities to its employees. EEO laws are designed to prevent companies from discriminating against their employees. The EEO act gives the EEOC authority to sue companies in federal court for discrimination.

To comply with the law, you should provide a statement of your company’s equal employment opportunity policy. Ideally, you should include a link to your website. Your statement should address several different factors that may be considered in hiring decisions. These factors can include but are not limited to, gender, age, race, national origin, religion, and disability.

In addition, you should make clear that you will not discriminate against qualified applicants who disclose information about compensation or their criminal history. You are also required to comply with laws regarding reasonable accommodation for disabled candidates. If you have questions about a specific aspect of the law, you should contact your human resources department.

As an employer, you are bound by the Equal Pay Act, which requires that you pay your employees equally regardless of their gender, age, or whether they are male or female. Additionally, you are responsible for making sure that you pay your employees on time.

An effective statement of your EEO policy should also discuss how you are working to achieve diversity in your workforce. For example, you should be prepared to hire people who are disabled, women, minorities, and veterans. You should also state that you are a participating employer in the E-Verify program. You should also mention the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance.

A comprehensive statement of your EEO policy should be included on your website. It should also reflect the way you hire and treat employees. However, an EEO statement is not a guarantee of an unbiased work environment. Your statement should be implemented at every stage of the hiring process. If you receive any EEO complaints, you should investigate and take the necessary steps to prevent the complaint from becoming a lawsuit.

Choosing to be an equal-opportunity employer is not easy, but it is worth the effort. A well-written statement of your EEO policy will help ensure that your company treats all its employees fairly.

Reviews of NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global is a company that specializes in providing compliance solutions, and they have recently announced plans to expand their operations in Rexburg, Idaho. They are currently accepting applications for new employees, and the positions will start in mid-May. The salaries of the positions vary, but the VP of Sales is the highest, at $286,742.

The policy management software that they provide is called PolicyTech, and it is easy to navigate. It includes questionnaires and robust document management abilities. They also offer a suite of training tools for GRC compliance. They are headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and the Norcross, Georgia office is one of three locations where they operate. They are seeking a wide variety of employees to join their team. Some of the positions that they are looking for include CS Reps, desktop support, VP of Product, and VP of Engineering.

If you are interested in working for a great company, contact the office today! If you have any questions about their application process or the position itself, feel free to contact their customer service department.


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